I’ve really enjoyed working for the company, watching the reactions of the residents when we achieve our quick changes into our colourful costumes is amazing. Also when we have them up and dancing with us: it’s a joy. I’d say the routine really lightens up there day and mine especially when they hear there favourite songs.

Sam Wilson – Senior Activity Coordinator

Last Tuesday's show was fabulous and fun, the young lady was so talented and very entertaining, plus extremely friendly, the residents loved her and her costumes, hopefully, she will be the one doing our Christmas show on the 11th December. Our residents are still speaking about it now, one week on.

Lesley Tutt – Hartford Court

The lady entertainer (apologies I’ve forgotten her name) worked very hard and the show was good fun. My mother was in the audience with me and it looked like all the residents had a lot of fun. Even residents who usually don’t talk much were trying to sing along which was lovely to see. Thankyou for putting on a good fun show and bringing some light into the residents lives. Kind Regards Lesley Tutt

Winterbrook House Wallingford

Hello, We would just like to say what a wonderful performance the show was yesterday! (11/12/18) The residents and us enjoyed it so very much and everyone was so impressed, we had more visitors than expected and they were very pleased they attended! Many Thanks again! & a Merry Christmas 🎄 Megan and Pat

Sunrise Senior Living of Bagshot

Just wanted to say a big thank you for the lovely entertainment you have provided during this past year. Our residents have enjoyed the special productions and are looking forward to next year.


Working on 'Twist and Shout' has been a thoroughly rewarding experience. Bringing a unique, high class show to such a diverse range of audiences around the country is challenging but fulfilling. I learnt a lot about entertainment and how to be a multi-faceted performer and found it a wonderful opportunity to connect with people; bring smiles and song, with colour and costumes; a chance to give something back. The show is put together with great costumes and uniquely arranged music keeping things fresh and professional.

Julia Barnes – Preswylfa Hall, Rhyl

Just wanted to say thank you for a wonderful show yesterday. The singer you sent was such a lovely girl and she was excellent. Thank you so much. Looking forward to the next show.

Gina Bourne

Just wanted to say a huge thank you to the very talented Gemma for the wonderful performance of Twist and Shout at St Andrews House Care home yesterday. Her interaction with the residents was very special and she got a sense of their needs within minutes of starting the show. It brought back some lovely memories for many of them. The staff loved it too! Thank you Gemma x

Greentrees Care Home Barnet

Yesterday, once again, your performer was excellent, this guy has real talent and his interaction with the residents was great. Thanks again for a wonderful show.

Richard Canal – Snow White Cast 2018

Working with the Prince on Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs was great – both as a learning experience and a fun-filled production. The attention to detail and insistence on precision, as the director, was very helpful for me in starting out in pantomime; and he himself is vociferous, vicarious and vivacious as a performer. Watching him interact with the audience gave me insight into skills of improvisation and audience interaction. Snow White has left me excited to do more plays of the sort.

James Carty

Due to my lisp I felt I had no chance at actually doing any sort of performing. Since performing with the team on Snow White and the Seven poofs I learned how to break out of my shy corner, to break out of my comfort zone and actually accept myself and the lisp, since the show I've come to find that I can use the lisp to my advantage and hopefully continue down the path of a more comedic type roles, I will always be thankful to the team for helping me.

Tanya De Leon

I played the role of Aladdin in the 2017 production of Aladdin - a Christmas pantomime. It was truly a life changing experience for me as it not only allowed me to grow as a performer and give me a glimpse into the entertainment business but it allowed to grow as a person. It is a grueling and tough job but it's only for a couple of weeks and if you approach it wisely you will take the job for all that it is which is a fantastic learning experience. If you can do this job you can do any job.

Simon Wheeler

Having worked on several tours, I have always found the company to work in a totally professional way. The shows are well costumed and excellently presented. The experience is rewarding and very well received by a diverse audience. I would recommend working with The Entertainment Providers if anyone wishes to take part in Music for Therapy.

Benjamin Clark

The company has a very professional manner and prides itself on delivering professional and entertaining shows which are enjoyed by a variety of audiences. The shows produced are of the highest quality, both choreographically and musically. It is a company I would join again in the future.

Sophie Hooker – Activities Co-ordinator, Little Court

Hi Simon Thank you for the info for next year, the performers gave me a leaflet. I will be in touch in the New Year. The performance was great, the residents really enjoyed it. I particularly liked how the performers interacted with everyone which helped to keep their attention. Everyone commented on the costumes, the costume changes kept it visual which is very important for this audience. Many thanks and Happy Christmas to you all

Evie – Westcott Nursing Home, Dorking

I spent a fabulous hour with my husband who has severe Alzheimers at Westcott Nursing Home I cannot praise Evie enough - she was incredible. Apart from a wonderful show she was so lovely with all the residents. They were all delighted with her. Thank you for wonderful entertainment. Hope to see her again.

Steven Jay – May 2017

It's been a pleasure to entertain residents at care homes all across the country with "Roll Out The Barrel". Bringing smiles, laughter and song to their day is extremely motivating and rewarding. I was very well looked after during rehearsals and there was plenty of time to learn and be well prepared for the songs and the performance. Being on the road has been an adventure and I've learned that I can speak to Simon about anything - for both the business and performance side of the work. Thank you SG Productions!

Simon Wheeler – May 2017

I have found working with Simon Gross on the Roll Out The Barrel Tour to be, once again, a rewarding experience. This has been my third tour and, as before, rehearsals have been well organised and intensive. During the tour, expenses and wages have been paid promptly and there is back up from head office if required. An all round great time.

Holly Lucas – April 2017

Having spent the last two months working on 'Roll Out the Barrel', I can happily say it has been a very rewarding experience, both for myself and the audiences. Each performance was totally different and the material was perfect for them; lots of laughs and memories shared. The payment is very fair and paid as per our contract agreement, with the office always contactable by phone or email when needed.

Sally Renshaw – Activities co-ordinator, Cedar Care Centre Leicestershire

Dear Simon, Sorry I missed your call. Kate passed on the message. I don't start until 10am and then have classes throughout the day, so not in the office much. The residents really enjoyed the show yesterday. They loved the variety and costumes, particularly the bumble bee. They sang-a-long and had a little dance. Regarding other shows... they would like to leave it at the moment and just have the Christmas Show, but I have kept the details in our activities file, so if they would like to proceed with one they can do so. Best wishes, Sally

Roxanne Cullis – Activities co-ordinator

Hello just thought it would be nice for you to now we had our show this morning and everything went well Simon was great, very interactive with residents we did not have as many residents involved as we hoped but not much we could have done about that but the ones that did see the show were all singing and dancing along to the songs so thank you for that.

Daniela – Roll Out The Barrel 2017

I really enjoyed working on Roll out the Barrel, to see some old tunes like the Lambeth walk coming alive with talented performers that gave it their all; is a great joy. Especially knowing that the audience will enjoy it just as much. Doing the costumes for Simon the 3 year in the row now, communications and preparations have been thorough and timely, as always. I like the standard that we achieve in these productions every time. And I am proud to be part of keeping some traditional pearly kings and that alike, alive and performing. With Simon's support and great vision and knowledge of Variety Theatre/shows the end product is sure to dazzle and leave a positive impression on anyones mind. I can't fault any operational process or that a like as everyone works hard and towards a common goal, enabling those that can't go to the theatre, to see a fabulous show in their own home.

Steven Jay – Roll Out The Barrel 2017

It's been a pleasure to entertain residents at care homes all across the country with "Roll Out The Barrel". Bringing smiles, laughter and song to their day is extremely motivating and rewarding. I was very well looked after during rehearsals and there was plenty of time to learn and be well prepared for the songs and the performance. Being on the road has been an adventure and I've learned that I can speak to Simon about anything - for both the business and performance side of the work.

Holly Lucas – Roll Out The Barrel 2017

Having spent the last two months working on 'Roll Out the Barrel', I can happily say it has been a very rewarding experience, both for myself and the audiences. Each performance was totally different and the material was perfect for them; lots of laughs and memories shared. The payment is very fair and paid as per our contract agreement, with the office always contactable by phone or email when needed.

Simon Wheeler – Roll Out The Barrel 2017

I have found working with Simon Gross on the Roll Out The Barrel Tour to be, once again, a rewarding experience. This has been my third tour and, as before, rehearsals have been well organised and intensive. During the tour, expenses and wages have been paid promptly and there is back up from head office if required. An all round great time.

Emma Hansen – Christmas 2016

Bringing theatre into the community for Simon Gross Productions of 'Winter Wonderland' was an affecting and gratifying experience. The residents of the care homes that we visited across the country, engaged positively with the performances. Bringing a Christmas theatre experience to such a special audience was very satisfying.

Jaine Thorne – Burnworthy House, Somerset Care

We were so impressed with the show we had on New Years Eve, the residents absolutely loved it. The families that came too were also so impressed, they said they had never seen anything on such a professional level in a care home before ! I could go on and on,. I am really impressed and I am in the process of sending something into Somerset Care head office to tell them how wonderful your acts are and make sure that they are recommended to all of the care homes.

Enya Hendriocks – Dick Whittington 2016

Working for Simon has been a great first, allround work experience. The short rehearsal period was very intense, efficient and productive, from which I learned a great amount of skills and knowledge, needed to perform in the care homes. Simon has got great experience in his field and knows exactly what you as an actor need to know about the nature of performing in care homes. I am very grateful for the opportunity that I had with Simon Gross.

Simon Wheeler – Christmas Wonderland 2016

I have completed two tours for Simon Gross and have found both rewarding. The shows are well produced and very entertaining for a niche market. The rehearsal process is extensive and professional and totally prepares you for the tour. It is a well paid position and payment is always on time. Overall, a great experience.

Simon Wheeler

Working with Simon Gross has been a very professional experience with good rehearsal conditions and an excellent use of music. Payment is always on time as well as expenses and, I for one, look forward to working with him again.

Nick Milward

I really enjoyed my time with SG. It was a rewarding and eye opening experience. Although the working days were tough, they were incredibly fulfilling. I was always paid on time and correctly and any concerns I had were addressed pretty much immediately. I have worked all around the world and it is an experience I will not soon forget

Emma Hough – Bring Me Sunshine 2016

This was my first performing job out of training and I have gained so much performance experience and confidence from working for this company. Although it was tough work what this company does makes so many people in the commuity very happy which made the job so fullfilling. It was always easy to contact Simon in the head office if there was a problem on the road. I was always paid on time and my expenses were paid every week.

HC One Care Homes

Just wanted to thank you for yesterday’s show. Emma did great. She is very professional and a lovely girl and she interacted with the residents really well – Well done! We look forward to having your company again.

Claire Watson

I have found working for your company very enjoyable and rewarding so far. Throughout rehearsals it was nice to learn a bit more about the type of venues and audiences we would be performing too, as well as putting together the show. I didn't feel that rehearsals were rushed at all and we were given plenty of time to practise our show and put our stamp on in it so far. Since being on the road, it has been a varied and enjoyable experience. No two places are the same, keeping the show fresh and exciting. Simon is easy to contact if any issues come up and all my expenses have been paid up to this date and my wages have also been paid on time on the specified date. A really good experience so far and I look forward to the next few weeks of the tour.

Jesse Brooke

Working for Simon Gross has been an absolute pleasure. It has been extremely rewarding and very enjoyable. Simon has been punctual with getting expenses and wages into my account, as well as always being at the other end of the phone whenever needed. This has been a very professional company to work for and it was inevitable when I said yes to staying on for the summer show. I would highly recommend this performing job to anyone.

Hannah Lebrecht

I worked with Simon Gross for two years, performing in his touring pantomimes, Snow White and Cinderella. During the rehearsal period, Simon put together a clean and very entertaining show. Both years were challenging and fulfilling. Going into the community and performing to the elderly was a very rewarding experience. I had fun performing and seeing the reactions of the audience. It was great to see the joy the pantomimes brought them. I also enjoyed the managerial side of the job. Making sure the cheques and cash were paid in on time, as well as talking to the venues. This was a worthwhile experience for me, as I learnt many new skills.

Daisy Parsons

The tour with SG Productions was one of the most fulfilling and rewarding experiences i have ever had. It was an incredibly intense tour with long days, early starts and lots of driving but this was made clear to me from the start so i was fully aware of what the tour entailed. Simon created a really fun and energetic show which we all worked hard on to bring to life. The contract was clearly laid out and i was always paid correctly and on time. It was a pleasure to work for simon and i would work with him again in the future.

Lai Martinez

I really enjoyed working with SG Productions (Simon Gross). The tour was a little bit hard due to the distances we had to do every day but we are very passionate and the hard work was compensated with the performances besides being very useful that the communication with the office was good and the payment prompt. I enjoyed the direction of Simon during rehearsals and I feel that the Cinderella Panto tour gave me a very good experience and many new skills.

Daniela Fleckenstein

My experience working with and for Simon Gross, has been a thoroughly enjoyable one. I have been given a chance to follow my passion for: creativity, costume , performance, production etc...about a year and a half a go, where with little experience I was met with suitable support, and given the opportunity to showcase my skills. Ever since, I have picked up other assignments for SG production and can't fault anything in their operations, from payment (some even earlier than expected) to flexibility, cause and sentiment: I was met with co-operation that helped me to grow as freelancer, nurturing my skills and abilities. Working in the creative industry in London is one of the most enjoyable but yet challenging one and the intensity and ability to deliver in this field, is down to one's own drive conviction and attitude. I felt that Simon knows and expects that , quite rightly so -to keep alive what is dear to his heart, producing shows that are to reach others, whilst also creating a pathway for others to shine and grow (in #showbizz) and an audience to relish the efforts.

Eleanor Higgins

Had an amazing experience working for SG. The job was challenging rewarding and pushed me to new limits which enabled me to learn and develop as an artist and as a person. Eye opening and humbling. Always paid on time, if not early.

James Cowdrey

I have completed two tours for SG Productions and they have introduced me to an avenue of performing that I have not experienced before. The touring is hard work but offers good pay and a real sense of job satisfaction to the right performer. The work is very personal and all involving. You need to be a good people person and not just a good performer. The shows have ranged from a small living room with two men, a lady and her dog to a large hall with 150 people in it - you need to be flexible and think on your feet at times! The shows are well thought out and it is clear that Simon has great knowledge and experience in this field of entertainment.

Phil Gwilliam

I worked with Simon and his SG production company during the spring and summer of 2015 it was very hard work but a wonderful experience. I toured the length and breadth of the country and the shows we provided where of a very high quality and enjoyed by all. The venues and dates where very well organised while payment was received swiftly and at regular intervals. Simon himself was a joy to work with and his professionalism shone through every aspect of the production.

Lucy Victoria Mason

Rehearsals had a relaxed but focused feel and Simon expects the very best quality from the performers he hires. He knows the product he is assembling inside out and directs his performers with experience providing many tips and sharing his own knowledge in the field. Costumes are fitted during the rehearsal period and good attention to detail is shown with these

MHA Care Homes

I would just like to give my residents feedback from the show Summer Holiday last evening. My residents thought the gentleman was absolutely superb and wished me to pass on their thanks and make sure that you had the feedback

The Laurels Care Centre

It was great having you at The Laurels today. The show was amazing. All the residents and staff enjoyed it a lot especially our residents with Dementia who seems to react positively to the entertainment. Thank you.

Suzanne Varah / Richmond Villages

Dear All at SG productions Just a quick email to say how much the residents and staff enjoyed Claudia’s entertainment, Gotta Sing, Gotta Dance . Claudia is a very talented artist who kept our attention for the whole hour which is an achievement since some of our residents can nod off. She brought joy, laughter and a few dewy eyes. Although slightly more expensive, it’s well worth it and we look forward to the next time when you perform for us in July. With our best wishes

Tracey Burke

The production that was performed at The Heathers was excellent and residents, staff and relatives enjoyed the show. We have however pre-booked entertainment for the rest of this year so are not looking to make further bookings at this time

Applegarth Court Day Centre

On behalf of the service users and staff I would just like to say how much your shows are appreciated. They bring joy, laughter and memories. They are always carried out in a professional manner and with great talent and enthusiasm. We look forward to your next productions.

High Broom Residential Home

I just wanted to say thank you for the performance delivered at HighBroom Residential Home on 14th December it was fantastic. A high majority of our residents attended and thought that it was absolutely amazing, as did I. The girls that delivered the performance interacted with all the residents very well and got them involved with sing a longs etc. and really put their heart and soul into delivering a great performance which put huge smiles on everyone’s faces. I would like if you would keep and contact and let me know of any up and coming performances. Thank you again

Sue Chown

Dear Simon I just wanted to say the show on Saturday was superb. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed it. I would certainly recommend it. Happy New Year.

Bertha James Day Centre

FRANK SAMMY DEAN SPRING 2013: Hi Simon. Every one really enjoyed this morning - thank you - the Centre is still buzzing.

Canwick House Care Home

wow: the team who entertained us on Thurs 17th May - fantastic. Thank you so so much. Having organised local and regional entertainment for Canwick House for many many years I can honestly say how thrilled, overwhelmed, happy we are all after seeing your fantastic rendition of the classic songs which our ladies and gents know so wellPlease do keep in touch as we will, without a doubt like to make future bookings. Thank you very very much. Professional and caring at a very high standard. This is our aim and we believe that your team enhanced this even more so.

Sanctuary Housing

I arranged for SG productions to come here to do a show and the tenants thought it was fantastic. the tenants loved the show and thought they were the best they had seen !

Social & Recreational Therapist, Richmond Northampton

The sound of the musicals show on Monday 23rd April 2012 was fantastic! We had about 70 Guests and everyone said how fantastic the production was, how great the actors were and very professional, so many costume changes in a short space of time the whole production was fantastic. We even have a retired actress who acted with Sir Lawrence Olivia and she said how professional the actors were!

Berrystead Nursing Home

When booking an SG Productions concert you can always count on an enjoyable time. Excellent performers, good choice of themed songs and the added visuality of dance routines, colourful costume changes. We recently booked the "Sound of Musicals" the two entertainers were brilliant, their voices were just superb, They interacted with our service users with ease and were appreciative of our hospitality.

Keep up the goo work, On behalf of all the service users of Berrystead Thank you for what you do.

Temple Manor Care Ltd

Fantastic, everybody really enjoyed it, and all I can say is you where brilliant, really pulled out all the stops and from my opinion you put a lot of effort into your work.

Brindsworth House, home for retired entertainers

'I am writing to thank you for the wonderful show you gave us. The show was professional to the end. We are looking forward to your next visit-for many it can't come soon enough.'

St Ives Social Club, Ringwood

'It was a wonderful moving performance, bring back lots of happy memories that came flooding back to all.'

Cressyfields Resource Centre

'Yet again you came up with great expectations, you were Excellent.'

Sidcup Childrens Club

'The show was upbeat, funny, infectious and the costumes outstanding, bringing the magic of pantomime to our very own venue

Castel Froma Home, Leamington Spa

The whole performance was relayed with an infectious sense of fun that it produced responses from residents that had not been seen before.'

Central Manchester Children’s University Hospital

'The ward environment was transformed into a mini theatre for the afternoon with lots of singing and dancing.'

Westgate House Residential Nursing Home

Just to say what a fantastic show yesterday! As usual the performers were perfect putting on a very professional performance. Over the last 4 years we have had all your show’s that were relevant to our home and we have never had a bad performance, every show is always error free, entertaining, a good variety and most importantly so professional. We always have a full house when your show’s visit. A real credit to you and your staff... Looking forward to seeing you on October

Caroline Newbury

Simon last nights show was THE BEST so happy and vibrant and the couple were obviously so enjoyed themselves it shone through my little lot here loved it saying best they have ever seen. please book us onto the Lipstick on your collar.

California Here I Come

"Before the show commenced, a friendly young man with an American accent came round introducing himself, giving the impression we were in for a lively hour ahead. I was not wrong here, and an equally youthful young lady entertained us with quick fire American songs. As expected from S.G Productions, the quick change costumes were eye opening, addiing expression to each song. Helen and David semed to give as much if not more, than we certainly were. Yes, a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon for us all. Well done S.G. PRODUCTIONS FOR A REALLY FIRST CLASS SHOW, ROLL ON YOUR NEXT SHOW AT BRINSWORTH.


I would just like to say what a wonderful afternoon we here at the William Day Centre have had. Both David and Helen were brilliant.  The interaction between them and our Service Users was magical.,Looking forward to the next 2 shows.

Amberleigh House

Friday 29th May 2009 I have to say that the show put on yesterday, by your two your lady performers,  was  fantastic.  Nice also that  they were Northern lasses, Manchester & St. Helens!!!!!. The two of them arrived well in advance of the show time. They set about erecting their music and sound equipment and wiring, undertaken very efficiently, quickly and health and safety aware. We had provided a room for their costume changes and we were all amazed at how many costume changes, they made, during the very entertaining 60 minute show.